The Most Famous Characters Who Used Walking Canes

Have you ever seen someone make a walking cane look good? Several famous people and characters are known for using a cane. Let’s see some of the most popular ones!  


In the hit series “House,” the lead character, Dr. House, uses his cane throughout the series. He is known for his arrogance and his brilliance. You often see him fidget with his cane while pondering a diagnosis evading him. 

House has a classic cane that he is known for, but in one episode, when he is in a great mood and feeling feisty, he uses another cane. The cane had flames on the end of it. He is known for his boldness and smart mouth, so it seems fitting that his cane would be fire. 


Queen Elizabeth II

The beloved Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-serving monarch in British history. She was known for being elegant and strong. Her style was sophisticated and classy. At first, she used a simple cork-handled, black cane. Then, later on, she used one that belonged to her late husband, Prince Philip. 

Willy Wonka

Gene Wilder wanted to use a cane to make the audience question his honesty. After making a grand entrance, holding the cane up, he begins to limp. As Willy Wonka walks forward, he uses the cane for support until it gets stuck in the ground, and he loses it. 

After he loses his cane, he falls forward and does an extravagant summersault. He said that from then on, it would make the audience have difficulty determining if what he said or did going forward was a lie or truth. 

John Hammond

One of the biggest movie franchises, Jurassic Park, had one character who used a unique cane. John Hammond owned Jurassic Park and co-founded a bioengineer company called InGen. He was an entrepreneur who wanted to open a park where people could see living and breathing dinosaurs. 

As most would know, the park was a bit wild. In the movie, his cane was made with a fossilized dinosaur bone with a Dominican amber topper containing a mosquito with a dinosaur's DNA. His cane ended up being iconic and sold for $32,000 in auction.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was a famous writer and poet who wrote several books and plays. His mother was also a poet, so writing was common in the family. While he was known to be quick-witted, he also had a knack for comedy and wrote several. He was known for his vivid descriptions and for using simple language. His cane was made of white ivory and bore his initials on it. 

Last Thoughts

You can see famous people and characters using a cane throughout their lives and how they align with their personalities. John Hammonds showed his love for innovation and dinosaurs, while Queen Elizabeth ll chose to remember her late husband, Prince Phillip, using his old one. It's fascinating to see how these famous individuals proudly used canes. How would you choose a cane based based on your personality or style?