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Genuine Zebrano Derby Walking Cane With Zebrano Shaft And Silver Collar

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The Royal Cane Company has chosen zebrano wood to make this cane. It is one of the most beautiful and most unique woods available. This unique wood is from the coast of West Africa and is also called Zebrano wood. The finest craftsmanship has been used to create a class and perfection of its own in using such a beautiful wood. The workmanship illustrates excellence through its extremely smooth finish and rounded edges. When seeing this Zebrano wood walking cane in person, you will be amazed by its dramatic color zebra typed banding. Zebrano wood gets its name from the zebra like stripes of these attractive rich brownish-black wood grains that run through the pale golden yellow colored heart of the wood. Just like a person’s fingerprint no two patterns are exactly alike. The shiny silver collar accents the beauty of the natural wood grain. Zebrano wood is very strong and sturdy. The surface has been sanded and polished to prevent splintering and cracking. This cane will be a delightful addition to any cane collection. Rubber tip is included.

Weight: Approximately 0.85 pounds

Maximum Height: 37.5 inches

Manufacturer's recommended weight limit of 250lbs.

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